Specialist for shipping

What we do

What we do

SEOC Limited provides a broad range of services to companies in the martitme sector.
The principal activity of SEOC Limited finds place in “ship management” whose most characteristics are:

Transportation by water

  • National
  • International

Technical management

  • Accompaniment during repair
  • Accompaniment for construction of new boats
  • Maintenance

Financial management

  • The participation
  • Management and financial administration
  • Requests for subsidy
  • Financings
  • Administration
  • Insurances
  • Taxation and legal advices

Crew management

  • Teams
  • Formations
  • Training courses
  • Provisions
  • Medical examinations

Safety management

  • The council in safety
  • Inspections of safety
  • The inventory of the risks
  • Accompaniment for the ISO standards